Bus Information

When students turn 16, they must go to an AT Service Station with their school ID to prove they are still a school student – otherwise they will end up paying an adult fare. This can amount to up around $300 extra per year in bus fares!

On Sunday August 14, the tracking of school buses in real time was switched on in ATs real-time systems.

This means for the first time the travelling public (schools, school students, parents etc.) can track a school bus trip:-

• At a bus stop viewing a Passenger Information Display (PID) for next departing bus
• Using Track My Bus app
• School Bus schedules are also available using the Journey Planner app

These below routes will now be visible on the new Passenger Information Displays at bus stops.

S028G Long Bay College To Northcross
S045A Long Bay College To Windsor Park
S049A Kowhai Rd To Long Bay College
S053C Long Bay College To Murrays Bay
S070A Long Bay College To Browns Bay Shops
S071D Long Bay College To Pinehill
S071E Pinehill To Long Bay College

Which bus to catch?

  • Almost all buses arrive and leave from school in the bus stop area outside the school main gates.
  • In the afternoon, North Star school buses load on the west side of Ashley Avenue opposite the school boundary, all other buses load on the east side of Ashley Avenue.
  • Those catching public (not school) North Star buses arrive and leave from the bus stop in Awaruku Rd (Walk down Ian Sage to Glenvar, turn left and Awaruku Rd is first street on the right).


  • When crossing the road in front of the school, students must use the pedestrian crossing.
  • In the morning upon arrival, students are expected to enter the school grounds straight away and not linger in front of the school or in surrounding streets.
  • In the afternoon, students waiting to board their bus are to line up BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE on the footpath.
  • While on the bus, students are expected to behave in a way which does not cause offence to other passengers or to the bus driver. All instructions from the bus driver are to be followed without question. Behaviour which does not comply with normal school rules may result in the students concerned being denied access to the bus service for a period of time.

Complaints and Queries

  • Complaints about bus services or about the behaviour of students on the buses, should be addressed to Ms Sharon O'Dowd at school either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 09 477 9009 Extn 847.

Long Bay College Bus Transport

The best place for up-to-date information about bus routes is to check the websites of the bus companies.  Follow the links below, or ring the companies concerned if details are unclear.

IF YOU LIVE: West of motorway and North to Okura / Bawden Rd (Albany Heights, Paremoremo, Coatesville, Riverhead).

Ritchies Bus Company Phone 09 415 9138 

Click on: http://www.ritchies.co.nz/school-bus-route-maps - Type Long Bay College in the School Search box.  Bus tickets can be purchased from the school cash office.  

IF YOU LIVE: South of the school in the Glamorgan, Oaktree, John Downs Stapleford area. Also those living in Albany / Old Highway / Bush Road area.

Party Bus Company - Phone: 09 417 0030

Click on http://www.partybus.co.nz/wawcs0150274/Schools.html - Go to Bus and Coach Hire, then School Runs.  Scroll down to Long Bay College Bus Service.

IF YOU LIVE: Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Orewa, Silverdale and Stillwater

Bayes Coachlines - Phone: 09 377 5576

Click on http://www.bayescoachlines.co.nz/schoolservices.php - Scroll down and click on Hibiscus Coast to North Shore Schools.

IF YOU LIVE: South of the school in suburban areas (Browns Bay area and south)

ARTA school buses (Stagecoach / North Star). MAXX website

Click on http://www.maxx.co.nz/school-timetables/long-bay-college.aspx

OTHER SUBURBAN SERVICES:  For suburbs outside the school zone, use AT (Auckland Transport)

Click on https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/journey-planner/ 


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