Instructions for online enrolment for domestic students (For International Student applications, please go to ‘International Students’ on our website)

In order to submit your online enrolment application, please sign up or log in below. This application form can be saved and resumed again at a later date/time (Save draft). Once you have filled in all required fields, select ‘Ready to Submit’, 'Send to LBC' and then click the ‘Ready to Submit and Send to LBC’ button to send the application to the school.  If you have more than one child to register, once you have completed the first application, you can choose 'Select Another' to start the next student's enrolment application.
Please check the enrolment zone map to ascertain whether you are an ‘in zone’ or ‘out of zone’ student. You will need to upload the following documentation. Please scan ideally as a PDF. If you do not have access to a scanner, but have a smart phone or a tablet, there are scanning apps for mobile devices (i.e Scannable). Please choose the option to save as a PDF.

NZ born out of zone students:
Copy of birth certificate or passport
NZ born in zone students:
Copy of birth certificate or passport
Proof of address (recent phone, power or rates account)
Students not born in NZ:
Proof of residency status (passport) or student visa/permit
Students on a student visa:
Proof of parents work visa
All Categories:
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