Yein from Korea

In our Academy class, I am very happy with what we do. We work together in a small group with the tutor, and I think I have improved my English a lot. When I arrived at Long Bay College, I couldn’t speak with anyone in English, but Academy has helped me with my English and I am more confident. Now I can talk with my friends and teachers here. I like my Academy class a lot!

Yein Ahn, Korea

Haoze from China

Chinese culture is certainly distinctive, alongside the development of China’s economy and globalization. The learning of Chinese language is increasingly important. Chinese as a subject is both for Chinese native speakers who wish to gain a greater insight into their own language and into what NCEA is all about, as well as for other students who wish to understand Chinese language, people and  culture better and have a wider career path open to them. In the course, speaking, writing and reading are all included and equally valued.

Haoze Du, China

Andra from Romania

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a subject that Long Bay College students, international or domestic, take to improve their English-speaking skills, as well as their writing and reading, if English is an additional language for them. This subject provides them with the necessary skill-set that enables them to do well and succeed in other English enriched subjects. Since I came to New Zealand, doing EAP at Long Bay College has been the most helpful subject I take, as it not only helps me communicate better with the people around me, but it also prepares me with the appropriate vocabulary and knowledge for my other subjects.

Andra Mihailescu, Romania

Teresa from Colombia

I have been in New Zealand for 3 months now – school is awesome and all the classes are fun. We work with the other students and always learn something new in each lesson. You can learn a lot of new topics that you can use for university.

Teresa Albornoz Rebolledo, Colombia

Kelin from China

Business Studies is one of my favourite subjects at Long Bay College. In Business Studies, you run your own business and earn profit from it. In the Business Studies class, we have to run our own companies with our classmates. We study theory together, make products together, then sell our products on market day. We do not only work as a team, we also work as a family. This mode of teamwork really helps me to improve my ability in the subject and my confidence, as well as to communicate in English.   

Kelin Chen, China

Alina from Germany

Drama is the perfect subject for you if you love theatre, music, dance and performing. The classes involve a lot of practical work, so it is really easy to make new friends and improve your language. At first, it can be a little tough because you need to communicate a lot, but it gets easier. The environment in drama is really family-like and everyone is always there to help you out. Drama definitely helped me to be self-confident in unfamiliar environments, and I’ve met a lot of friends in this subject.

Alina Meusel, Germany

Gabriel from Brazil

The main difference between P.E. lessons in Brazil and the lessons in New Zealand is the activities we do in class. For example, I had never played touch rugby or softball before, and it’s been really good to learn some new sports. The teacher is really nice and he always shows us what to do and gives us support when we try new activities.

Gabriel Borges, Brazil

Mohan from China

Chemistry is one of my favourite classes here. The chemistry class in Long Bay College is very different from what it is like in my home country. At Long Bay College, we can get experiment with various chemicals and watch how they react, but back in China we only learn the theory. Our teacher is also really nice and kind; she is always patient and guides me when I feel confused. It is an enjoyable subject to study at Long Bay College.

Mohan Xue, China

Martina from Italy

Earth and Space Science is one of my favourite subjects here. I always used to hate science and in the beginning I chose it to challenge myself, but now I can say it was one of my best choices ever. I love my teacher, she is always nice to the students; and I have also liked my classmates from the very beginning. We do not have this subject in Italy; I think it is very interesting and useful.

Martina Calligione, Italy

Felipe from Brazil

In Brazil I studied Geography for 5 years and I got very bored, because I learnt about general geography without any focus on the geography in Brazil. Here in New Zealand we study things that we see every day, and after we’ve spoken about it in school we go to visit the places we spoke about. So here in New Zealand we mix the practical with the theoretical and I really like that!

Felipe Rossi, Brazil