Course: Art Club has a fun, relaxed atmosphere and includes students from all year levels (Year 9-13). You don’t need to be an art student to join, all are welcome. Projects for 2019 are likely to include mural-making, photography and printmaking. This is a student run club in which ideas and work are developed and produced with Art teachers as mentors.
Contact: Mrs Liese Strong: lstrong@lbc.school.nz

When: Weekly after school in Terms 1 and 2 from 3.15pm-5pm (day TBC).

Course: This club gives students the opportunity to solve strategic Business problems. Students are presented with information on an issue that a business or not-for-profit is facing, and prepare a solution to these challenges.
Contact: Mrs June Lee: jlee@lbc.school.nz

When: The group meets lunchtime (day and location TBC). The competitions are held in April/May.

Course: The Chess Club is open to all students of varying ability who meet to battle over the board. Students are able to play, practice and learn about Chess as a social game or a more competitive game.
Contact: Mr Tim Spratt: tspratt@lbc.school.nz

When: Every lunchtime, M11

Course: The Chinese Club is open to all students who are interested in Chinese language and culture. Students will have the chance to experience authentic Chinese culture and basic Mandarin Language.
Contact: Mrs Shao: xshao@lbc.school.nz

When: Once a week during a lunchtime (day and location TBC).

Course: Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game. This group meets to focus on making costumes for Armageddon and/or similar events.
Contact: Mrs Sharon O'Dowd: so'dowd@lbc.school.nz

When: Lunchtimes (day and location TBC).

  • Cost: Cost is determined by competition entries and uniform requirements

Course: Culinary Competition group is open to Food Technology students. The group meet to practise for regional and national culinary competitions. In 2018 we won the National Secondary School Award for these competitions.
Contact: Miemie Vermeulen: mvermeulen@lbc.school.nz

When: Practise for competitions are after school in Term 2 and 3.

Course: The ICAS assessments are designed to recognise and reward academic excellence.  They are run by UNSW Global and students are asked to demonstrate a deeper, integrated, and thorough level of learning.Closing dates for entries will be advertised in early 2019
Contact: Mrs Beasleigh: jbeasleigh@lbc.school.nz

When: The 2019 ICAS exams will be online with sitting dates as follows: Digital Technologies 3 September, Science 5 September, Writing 10 September, English 17 September, Mathematics 19 September. 

Course: Fancy being an actor or you just want to express yourself? Come along for an hour of games, theatre and general fun. All juniors are welcome.
Contact: Mr Paul Fannon: pfannon@lbc.school.nz and Elizabeth Bearne: EBearne@lbc.school.nz

When: Wednesdays after school, 3:30pm to 4:30pm in P3 Drama.

Course: A group open to senior students (Years 12 and 13) who are interested in world events, current events, history, human rights, politics and debating (you will need to be willing to speak publically – including impromptu speaking etc.) The MUNA event is held in May each year and lunchtime sessions will be used to prepare for the topics given approximately 2 months before hand.. Contact: Ms Kelly Manning: kmanning@lbc.school.nz When: 2 days annually

Course: Philosophy involves questioning some of our most basic assumptions about the world and human existence. What is reality? Does God exist? Can we ever have certain knowledge about our world? How should we live our lives? This course provides senior students with an introduction to Philosophy. We will cover the basics of reasoning and assess what distinguishes a good argument from a bad argument. We will also explore a range of philosophical problems from ancient times to the present day. The course runs for 12 weeks and is suitable for Year 12 and 13 students with an interest in thinking deeply about the world and their place in it. Topics of discussion will be selected from the following list:
  • Universals and particulars
  • Does God exist?
  • Fate, free will and determinism
  • What is truth?
  • Problems of identity
  • Theories about the self
  • Philosophy of time
  • The nature of existence and other possible worlds
  • The problem of causation
  • Mind/body dualism
  • Selected ethical problems
  • Free speech and its limits
  • Knowledge and scepticism
  • What makes something a work of art?
  • Art and ethics
  • Does philosophy make progress?
Contact: Mr Scott Smith: ssmith@lbc.school.nz
When: Lunchtimes once per week for 12 weeks (day and location TBC).

Course: Showquest is a fun, competitive performance platform for schools. A nationwide event, Showquest offers students the chance to showcase their talents in music, dance and drama. Like previous events such as Stage Challenge, Showquest asks students to devise a short performance, which they will produce, create and manage themselves, to finally perform their creations in front of a live audience of peers, family and the general public.
Contact: Elizabeth Bearne EBearne@lbc.school.nz

When: Students attend rehearsals in Term 1 and 2 and the final stage performance will take place in June.

Course: The New Zealand Spelling Bee is a national contest for Year 9 and 10 students. If you're good with words, and enjoy a challenge, then the spelling bee is for you! A 100 word list is given out in April of each year, the test takes place in June. The results are graded nationally and the top 200 spellers in New Zealand advance to the Regional semi-finals. Eight spellers move forward from the Auckland semi-final, and you're in the National Final! Last year these were televised, and the winner received $5000.
Contact: Ms Janelle Byers

When: Friday interval at O10

Course: This is an exciting new space for anyone who wants to share their writing, reading and their art. We share our work through the Words notebook where there are sections dedicated to what we have read, what we write and what we create visually. This notebook belongs to us and it is a secure place to share what we are working on. This club is open to all students and teachers. We plan on meeting twice a term, but the real discovery and 'meeting' will be in our Notebook. Hopefully, it will reflect the incredible creativity that is quietly (and not so quietly!) going on all around us.
Contact: Mrs Karen le Roux: kleroux@lbc.school.nz

When: Twice a term

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