Social Science

This course follows on from 10MDS and leads to L2MDS

This year students will continue to explore the Mass Media. They will develop key skills in close reading a scene from a film, looking at the director’s use of camerawork, lighting, sound and costume to explore an idea. They will also be following how an issue or event is explored by print, television and digital media (internet/social networking sites). Students will be looking at the regulations attached to broadcasting and the impact of social media on companies revenues. A large portion of this course is dedicated to practical film making where students are challenged to plan, design and produce a short film which requires a significant time commitment in Term 2.

Teacher in charge -
Ms Adrienne Bishop

students in this course will be working towards

15 credits that are internally assessed and 8 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L1 Media Studies 14 credits towards Level 1 Literacy This course leads to a university approved course