Visual Arts

This course follows on from L1ART and leads to L3ADS

This course builds on design and multi-media skills and techniques that have been developed in Level 1 Art. The focus is on Graphic Design, a process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of image, layout, typography, symbols and graphic elements. Students will develop skills in generating imagery through photographic and drawing processes and become proficient in digital image-making techniques using Photoshop and other Adobe suite software. Students will select their own theme to guide individual design scenarios and briefs. Although print-based media is the most common area of study, illustration, animation and moving digital media are additional avenues for exploration linked to this course. A conceptual approach is encouraged to stimulate creative, ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas and experimental Design approaches. Students will also build upon the ideas of both traditional and contemporary designers in their own practise.

Teacher in charge -
Mrs Liese Strong

students in this course will be working towards

8 credits that are internally assessed and 12 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L2 Design This course leads to a university approved course