This course follows on from L1DTS and leads to L3DTS

This course offers more advanced tuition in web design, programming, database and data management. Home internet, computer and 2Gb+ Flash Drive required. Students will learn how to: • Use correct ethical procedures when producing, using and storing data on a network • Plan and create a relational database • Develop a conceptual design for an outcome using relevant conventions • Create a digital media outcome (website using HTML5 and CSS3) • use feedback from end users/ stakeholders and information from testing procedures to improve their outcome • Address relevant implications • Use the process of iteration • Plan and create a computer program using Python (optional). • Students will also look at advanced concepts in computer science such as computer security, encryption, error control, complexibility and tractability and AI (External report). They also have the opportunity to complete an industry certification in either Microsoft or Adobe products.

Teacher in charge -
Mrs Michelle Gallagher

students in this course will be working towards

11 credits that are internally assessed and 3 credits that are externally assessed (6 optional) Course endorsement is possible in L2 Digital Technology 6 credits towards Level 1 Literacy This course leads to a university approved course