This course follows on from L1ECO and leads to L3ECO

Economics provides excellent insight into the real world. The course covers macroeconomics which plays a key role in all aspects of life and especially the politics part of the aggregate Aotearoa economy. Economics students will be well equipped with analytical and problem-solving skills, numerical and computer skills, as well as the ability to work well either alone or within a team. All of these skills are very transferable allowing students to branch into anything from stock investment, money exchange, business start-ups, to becoming a wise voter in the coming general election.

Teacher in charge -
Mrs Denise Trent

students in this course will be working towards

14 credits that are internally assessed and 8 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L2 Economics 22 credits towards Level 1 Literacy 10R, 8W credits to UE literacy (R/W/B) This course leads to a university approved course