This course follows on from L1TEL and leads to L3TEL

This course is a University approved, Achievement Standard course in which students design and build individual projects and circuit boards, whilst digital (written) assessments are submitted as evidence for NCEA. Advanced Electronics theory and understanding is developed alongside the use of Eagle CAD and Picaxe programming software to a higher level. All assessments require students to learn how to: • Develop an Advanced Electronics Outcome through testing, trailing and use of debugging techniques • Plan the development of an outcome through planning tools such as Gantt Charts, Journals etc • Address Relevant Implications • Use the process of iteration • Use data and calculations (Ohms Law) to determine component choices • Build quality PCBs (printed circuit boards) • Program Picaxe micro-controllers

Teacher in charge -
Mr Steve Dymock

students in this course will be working towards

16 credits that are internally assessed and 4 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L2 Electronics 7 credits towards Level 1 Literacy This course leads to a university approved course