This course follows on from L1ENE/L1ENG/L1ENL and leads to L3ENE/L3ENG/L3ENL

This course will consist of a combination of internal and external standards. The course is aimed at students who enjoy and value the English language as an effective means of communication. It will not have literature as a focus, although there will be opportunities to experience this aspect. This is an academic course and students will be encouraged to aim high. All ability levels will be catered for within each class. Students will have the opportunity to gain their UE Literacy and will explore topics and texts that interest them. It will make use of ‘real world’ situations in the development of reading and writing skills.

Teacher in charge -
Ms Jennie Taylor

students in this course will be working towards

16 credits that are internally assessed and 4 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L2 English 20 credits towards Level 1 Literacy 4R, 9W, 4B credits to UE literacy (R/W/B) This course leads to a university approved course