Visual Arts

This course follows on from L2AHS

Art History is a subject which allows you to understand the essence of society’s ideas and priorities through unravelling how this is mirrored in the lives and artworks of artists. The Topic of study is “Early Modernism” which takes place in the first half of the 20th Century, a period which covers both world wars and ground-breaking advances in science, technology and psychology. This was also a period of accelerated social, political, and philosophical change. Art movements from Cubism to Surrealism are studied to unravel artists’ reinvention and interpretation of reality in this modern and uncertain age. Study in Art History is complementary to other subjects such as History and Classics and does not need to be taken in conjunction with Practical Art. It is however a valuable subject for Visual Art students and is especially beneficial to those students interested in studying Art, Design or Architecture at a Tertiary level. Students choosing this course must show an ability to respond to teacher led research and written tasks in the classroom and the ability to work independently. This course requires strong analytical and literacy skills.

Teacher in charge -
Mrs Liese Strong

students in this course will be working towards

12 credits that are internally assessed and 12 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L3 Art History 24 credits towards Level 1 Literacy 12R, 12B credits to UE literacy (R/W/B) This course is university approved