Health & Physical Education

This course follows on from L2PED

This course provides 18 Level 3 achievement standard credits all internally assessed. The course aims to develop and apply the knowledge base developed in Level 1 and 2 Physical Education. This includes strategies to improve performance, biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. This course also covers applying safety management strategies, which takes students on a 1-day outdoor education trip. A research assignment on current issues in NZ Sport and physical education is also offered. Students can choose to participate in the ‘Tough Guy’ challenge as part of their practical assessment.

Teacher in charge -
Mrs Mo Gleeson

students in this course will be working towards

18 credits that are internally assessed and 0 credits that are externally assessed Course endorsement is possible in L3 Physical Education 10 credits towards Level 1 Literacy 4 credits towards Numeracy 4R credits to UE literacy (R/W/B) This course is university approved