This course leads to L1DTS, L1TEL

This one semester course focuses on 3D Modelling, Game Design and Advanced Python programming. It also looks at Practical Programming for Electronics. 3D Modelling, Game Design and Advanced Python programming will include: • Planning (Pseudocode) • Python Programming (inputs, outputs, sequencing, loops and selection)- using iteration to design, develop, create and test (Debug) a computer program • 3D Modelling using Blender • 2D Game Design – GameMaker or Construct 2 • Project Management (Gantt Charts) and storyboarding • Students will create their own game (incudes creating their own sprites, backgrounds etc) Practical Programming for Electronics will include: • Basic Component Theory • Scratch to Breadboard • Basics of Picaxe Programming • Eagle CAD software-Creating a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) • Design/Build/Program your own circuit

Teacher in charge -
Mrs Michelle Gallagher & Mr Tony Bailey

students in this course will be working towards