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Learning to code is an important skill living in a digital age. We want to break the perception that coding is some exceptional skill that only few people can master – Code Club is for everyone and we believe every child can benefit from joining our club as they will learn so much more than how to train their computer to follow their commands. Code Clubs are fun; they give children a sense of accomplishment and encourage big ideas. The projects we offer teach children to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations, and websites. Each term the students will progress and learn more whilst at the same time using their imagination to make creative projects. Term 2 we use Scratch to teach the basics of programming. Term 3 teaches the basics of web development using HTML and CSS. Term 4 teaches Python. We want children to gain skills that are useful to them – not only learning to program, but also learning about computational thinking, problem solving, planning, designing and collaboration. Learning to work in a team to solve real world problems is one of the greatest skills students can leave Code Club with.

Contact: Mrs Michelle Gallagher

When: Thursday lunchtimes

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