Course Code : L1 GEO

  • Credit 3 at L1A; 18 at L1B
  • Trips L1A 1 Cost (approx) $55; L1B 1 Cost (approx) $25
  • Cost Nil
  • Qualification NCEA Level 1

L1A GEO topics:
• Earthquakes
• People under pressure – refugees, sweatshops, one child policy
• Modern day pirates
• NCEA Sustainable tourism in the Maldives and at Ayer’s Rock
• Amazon rainforest
Through studying global geographical topics and contemporary geographic issues students will gain a greater understanding of the physical and cultural world within which they live. This course is designed with a future focus in mind, encouraging students to think critically about sustainability issues. It will also involve the use of geographic technologies such as Google Earth so that students have the tools necessary to explore geographic concepts in the modern world.
L1B: This year focuses on 2 content-based topics:
• Extreme natural events – tsunamis
• Geographic skills
Current and global geographic issues will be studied, geographical skills such as mapping and important geographic concepts will be learned, and students will complete an individual research assignment. Assessment will be by an external examination and internal assessments.

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