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New School Uniform for 2022


After several years of consultation, we are delighted to be rolling out our new school uniform for 2022.  We are excited to let you know that The Uniform Shoppe will be opening their shop on the 14th of December 2021.  The shop is located at the Long Bay Village, Glenvar Ridge, Long Bay.

Hours will be as follows:

  • December Opening
    • Tuesday 14th December 11 – 4 pm
    • Thursday 16th December 10 – 4 pm
    • Saturday 18th December 10 – 2 pm
  • January 2022 Hours – Opening 10th January
    • Monday – Tue 10 – 4 pm
    • Wednesday – CLOSED
    • Thursday – 1 – 6.30 pm
    • Friday – 10 – 2 pm
    • Saturday – 10 – 2 pm

Students will be fitted for the correct size and an order for items will be made.  Collection or delivery will be advised as the stock arrives.

All items will be available online however we encouraged students to initially purchase the new uniform in store to ensure the correct fit.

The old design will be available in store and online for families who require a top up, provided their child is not in Y9 or Y12.


YEAR 2022 2023
Year 9 New LBC Junior uniform New LBC Junior uniform
Year 10 Current LBC Junior uniform
Or new LBC Junior uniform
New LBC Junior uniform
Year 11 Current LBC Junior uniform
OR new LBC Senior uniform
New LBC Senior uniform
Year 12 New LBC Senior uniform New LBC Senior uniform
Year 13 Current LBC Senior uniform
OR new LBC Senior uniform
New LBC Senior uniform

The Uniform Shoppe provide an option to join their uniform club.  This is an opportunity for families to make payments prior and may make the return to school easier. Uniform – Long Bay College

Please note all students who take Dance and/or Y9-13 Physical Education classes will be expected to wear the new PE uniform.  All students are welcome to support their house by purchasing a House t-shirt.  Note this is the same design as the Dance/PE T-shirt.

Year 9 students will be fitted for a PE Uniform/House T-shirt and will find out which house they are in and be given this on their Orientation day.

Please review the uniform guidelines below to ensure you meet our uniform expectations.

The Long Bay College Board of Trustees, School and Community expects that all students will wear their uniform with pride and respect when students are at school, travelling to and from school and representing the school at events. This means wearing the uniform correctly (as deemed by the school) at all times and taking personal presentation seriously.

In order to highlight some of our expectations around a transition to a new uniform here are our guidelines for 2022:

  • Students are welcome to wear either our new or old uniform but are not permitted to wear a mix of both designs.
  • The school uniform design is inclusive: students have the option of wearing any part of the school uniform, regardless of their gender.
  • Any alterations to the uniform must be carried out by an approved provider who has agreed to maintain Long Bay College uniform expectations.
    • Stitch ‘n’ Time – 92 Clyde Court, Browns Bay

If you are unsure regarding the appropriateness of any alterations, please discuss with the Year Level Deputy Principal.

  • LBC uniform ankle socks to be worn with the skirt.
  • LBC uniform calf socks to be worn with shorts or trousers.
  • No garments other than approved items may be visible including undershirts (white V neck undershirts available from the Uniform Shoppe) this relates to both new and old uniforms.
  • All students who participate in Dance and Y9-13 Physical Education must wear the Long Bay College designated PE uniform.
  • Jewellery expectations can be found on the school website and in the Student and Whānau Guide.
  • For shoes, please visit the school website for approved designs:
    • Lace up or slip-on shoes must have a closed heel.  They are to be plain black, with an all-leather surface (no rubber toe section).  No boots, sports shoes (unless all black leather variety), canvas shoes or jandals.
    • Plain black sandals may be worn in summer with no socks.