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NZQA Learner Login

Students doing NCEA need to have a Learner Login to access results and qualification details

Every Long Bay College student needs to have a Learner Login


Why do you need one?  A Learner Login means that you can

  • Look up your results in January
  • Check your qualification and endorsements in January
  • See your exam papers online (they will not be sent to you) à this is a change from previous years
  • Order your NCEA certificate and Record of Achievement to use for applications (jobs, further training)
  • Apply for a review/reconsideration of an external exam/submission (this does not apply if NZQA has used the UEG)
  • Sit your Digital Exam (applies to some subjects, only)

Check that your Learner Login is working or set it up

Go to

If you have a login, go to Students & Learners Login to check that you have access

If you don’t have a login, go to Create An Account to set one up.


TOP TIP – use a personal email address to set up the account so that you can continue to access it once you have left school.

Help with Learner logins can be found here –