Student Support


At Long Bay College, we are proud to foster a learning and social environment based on our core values of Care, Respect, Creativity and Community.

This environment supports our students as they navigate the teenage years and beyond. We offer a network of capable, dedicated and caring adults who are available to our students and their family members to reach out to at any time.



‘Atawhai’ is Māori for ‘Kindness’

Students attend regular Atawhai sessions which offers an important space, outside the curriculum, where students are supported, guided and mentored to ensure their unique talents are maximised, and their college experience is one of positivity and growth. Atawhai helps to ensure our students understand why their participation is so important, how they can make a difference and where they can find their sense of purpose. Atawhai is a unique and integral part of our college’s extraordinary culture of care

Atawhai Leader

The Atawhai Leader is a significant adult who will support and guide students through their Long Bay College journey. They are an important first point of contact and guide for students and their family members to discuss all aspects of school life.

Our Support Services

Peer Support

Senior students are trained as peer support leaders to assist Year 9 students as they transition to College. Leaders buddy up with Year 9 Atawhai groups and take students through a programme that encourages class discussions,  bonding, games and activities.

Year Level Deans

Dedicated Deans ensure students benefit from their College experience through academic management and positive social interactions with peers.

Deputy Principals

Senior leaders work with students, staff and the wider community to provide an environment that supports the changing needs of our school.

Careers Team

The team offers recommendations for course planning, career and employment information, work and Gateway placements, and more.

Learning Support

The team is committed to the academic and social success of students who may need extra support due to learning or health needs. Through Learning Support, a range of outside agencies and specialists may also assist students.

Guidance Team

Three Guidance Counsellors are available for students to confidentially discuss any issues they may need assistance with resolving.

Youth Workers

Two Youth Workers are available most days on site at the College. They offer students a listening ear and a space to relax in and have fun. Our Youth Workers help provide students with the tools required to work through any concerns.

Medical Officer

Our Medical Officer is on site every day for first aid treatment, illness and injury management, medication management, assistance with health issues and anxiety.


The Physiotherapist is available daily for the provision of on site physiotherapy treatment for those students who have an ACC injury claim.

Student Centre

The friendly staff are always ready to assist students with any enquiries or concerns they may have and provide direction about uniform requirements, absences, late passes, lost property and more.


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