Report an Absence

How to Report an Absence

If a student is absent from school, please contact the Student Centre by 9.30am on the day of absence by scrolling down and completing the form below or calling 09 477 9009 Ext 878. Acceptable reasons for absence include illness or serious family circumstances, such as a bereavement. There is no need to contact your child’s teachers separately.

Late Passes

If a student is late to school, they will need a pass for their teacher. The student must visit the Student Centre with a signed note from parents/caregivers to receive a pass.

Signing In or Out During a School Day

If a student needs to leave school for an appointment during school hours, parents/caregivers must provide  confirmation to the Student Centre ahead of the appointment.

  • The student may bring a note from caregivers to the Student Centre and sign out.
  • Caregivers can email the Student Centre in advance of the student signing out. E: [email protected]
  • Caregivers can telephone the Student Centre ahead of the student signing out. T: 09 477 9009 ext 878

Prolonged Absence

If a student is undertaking a planned absence from school for longer than three days, parents/caregivers are requested to notify the Principal in writing at least two weeks prior to the absence by completing the form below.