Student Absences


It is our preference at Long Bay College that caregivers use the KAMAR App to notify us on the current day of student absences, lateness or if they have a scheduled appointment.  The KAMAR App has been designed for caregivers to notify current absences on the day, rather than future or prolonged periods of absence.  If caregivers have difficulty using the App, we can still receive a signed, written note or email from a caregiver prior to the absence which must include the student’s first and last names, date of absence and reason for absence.

When using the App, it is essential for you to keep login information private. Please do not share the login details with your child as this may compromise the integrity of the absence system.  Should you have a query regarding your child’s attendance please contact their year level Dean.

Instructions on how to download and setup the KAMAR App can be found here: KAMAR App setup link



It is a Ministry requirement to have caregiver notification of a student’s absence in order for the correct attendance code to be assigned and to ensure good records are maintained. Caregivers should contact the school by 9.30am if their child is absent.

In the event that a student has been marked absent and the Student Centre have not received notification from a caregiver, then a message will be sent to caregiver(s) regarding the whereabouts of the student.



Please make specialist and other essential appointments at times which allow students to attend school for the majority of the day.  Caregivers can notify the Student Centre by way of the KAMAR App, a written note signed by a caregiver, email or phone call.  This must include the student’s name, reason for signing out and the time they are required to leave.

Students can then collect a Leave Pass from the Student Centre during interval or lunchtime.  The pass will allow the teacher to release the student from their class at the designated time.

We appreciate that occasionally emergency appointments need to be made at the last minute; however, caregivers should be aware that it is not always possible to find students in class promptly.

Parents should also note that the school gates are shut for safety reasons between 3.05pm and 3.25pm.



Whenever a student arrives late to school for any reason, or they are late to their class during the day, they must report to the Student Centre.  The student will receive a late slip which they must hand to their classroom teacher.

Caregivers should notify the Student Centre if their child will be late using the KAMAR App, a written note signed by a caregiver, email or phone call with the reason for being late.  If there is no justified reason provided by a caregiver, a lunchtime detention will be issued to the student.



Students should not be sent to school when they are unwell and not able to function properly or are contagious.

Students who become sick, or injured, during school hours must report to the medical room. Only when a parent or caregiver has been contacted by the Nurse or administrative staff, will the student be released. Students are NOT to text parents/caregivers to collect them from school, without following the correct procedures.


PROLONGED LEAVE (more than three consecutive school days)

Extended periods of leave disadvantage students.  Holidays and similar reasons are considered ‘unapproved leave’ and are actively discouraged. Therefore, please avoid taking students for holidays or other non-approved reasons during term time.

If the absence simply cannot be avoided and the planned absence is for more than three consecutive school days, caregivers are requested to notify the Student Centre and the Principal in writing at least two weeks prior to the leave using the form below.

If the absence is for medical reasons, then please ensure that a medical certificate is attached.


To contact the Student Centre: