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Long Bay College Sponsorship Opportunities

Maximize Your Brand Exposure on Long Bay College’s Sports Field


Every year thousands of people visit our main sports field to cheer on their team. We are offering local businesses the opportunity to promote their brand on our sports field perimeter fence. These spots not only offer fantastic visibility to the thousands of parents and visitors to Long Bay College each year, but signage is also visible to traffic travelling on the very busy Ashley Avenue. Your sponsorship will not only demonstrate your commitment to the community but also provide significant exposure for your brand.


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High Visibility

Your brand will be prominently displayed for two years, garnering attention from a diverse audience.

Community Engagement

Demonstrate your support for the community and the school by sponsoring this vital asset.

Extended Reach

Beyond school activities, the sports field is also leased, broadening your brand’s exposure even further.

Investment and Impact

For just $5000, your brand will enjoy two years of continuous exposure, showcasing your commitment to community engagement. This is a unique opportunity to have your brand seen by a wide and engaged audience.

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Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to make a lasting impression in the Long Bay community. Secure your sponsorship today and let your brand shine on the Long Bay Sports Field.

Elevate your brand with an online banner ad on the Wavelength newsletter


At Long Bay College, we understand the importance of effective communication with our parents, and that’s why we’re excited to present an exclusive opportunity for you to feature your brand prominently on our online magazine, Wavelength.

Fill in the contact form below to reserve your advertising space or to discuss any questions you may have.
Join us in strengthening our community through effective communication and collaboration.

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A captive audience

Wavelength, our digital magazine, is a trusted source of information for our parents. It offers insights into school life, upcoming events, and important updates. The newsletter on average gets over 11,000 user actions per month, making it an ideal platform to connect with our engaged community.

Exclusive visibility

When you choose to advertise with us, you’ll enjoy exclusive visibility as the sole advertiser for an entire month. Your banner ad will be prominently displayed at the bottom of each page, ensuring that your message is seen by all who visit Wavelength.

Responsive design

We understand that today’s digital landscape spans across various devices, which is why your banner ad will be optimised for desktop, mobile, and tablet users. Your brand will look great, regardless of how our readers access our magazine.

Affordable brand exposure

Cost-effective and impactful, this advertising opportunity is priced at just $500 per month.  Your brand can reach a highly targeted audience of parents who are deeply invested in their children’s education and community.

Secure your spot today

Secure your advertising slot on Wavelength today and start enjoying the benefits of exclusive and effective brand exposure.


Sponsorship Opportunities for Premier Sports Teams


Long Bay College is excited to offer sponsorship opportunities for our premier sports teams, and we invite companies to consider partnering with us in supporting our young athletes.

We offer sponsorship opportunities for a wide range of sports, including:

Rugby, Football, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket, Sailing, Badminton, Curling and Water Polo

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring one of Long Bay College’s premier sports teams, please contact Nerys Byford at [email protected]

Join us in supporting the next generation of athletes and promoting your brand in the process. We look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you and making a difference in our local community through sports sponsorship.

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Brand Visibility

As a sponsor, your company’s logo will feature prominently on our teams’ warm-up shirts, kit bags, drink bottles, jackets, or other sports gear. Your brand will be seen not only by the players themselves but also by their families, friends, and fans during games and tournaments.

Community Engagement

Long Bay College’s premier sports teams are a source of pride for our school and the wider community. By sponsoring these teams, you’ll be aligning your company with a well-respected educational institution and demonstrating your commitment to the local community.

Positive Brand Image

Supporting local sports teams helps create a positive image for your company. It shows that you are invested in the well-being and development of our youth, which can be appealing to potential customers.

Networking Opportunities

Becoming a sponsor also provides networking opportunities with the school and its stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and community members. It can open doors for collaborations and partnerships in the future.




Long Bay College Events – Exclusive Sponsorship


Elevate your brand’s presence and connect with the Long Bay College community by becoming an exclusive sponsor for our key events. At Long Bay College, we offer unparalleled sponsorship opportunities for a variety of events, including open evenings, information evenings, art performances, sports events, awards evenings, end-of-year prize-giving ceremonies, and educational bursaries.


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Targeted Exposure

Sponsoring an event at Long Bay College provides your business with a highly targeted and engaged audience, ensuring that your brand message reaches the right people who share a genuine interest in education and community.

Community Engagement

Event sponsorship demonstrates your commitment to the local community, helping to foster goodwill and strengthen your brand’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

Exclusive Visibility

Gain exclusive rights to showcase your brand during the event, allowing you to stand out and make a lasting impression among attendees, who are often alumni, students, parents, and supporters of Long Bay College.

Networking Opportunities

Sponsoring an LBC event offers excellent networking opportunities, enabling you to connect with influential individuals, potential clients, and partners, while also building valuable relationships within the college community.

Introducing the Future of Communication: Long Bay College’s Electronic Signage


We are thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to our college campus: Electronic Signage! As we continue to embrace innovation and stay at the forefront of technology, this state-of-the-art sign will find its premium place at the entrance to Long Bay College on Ashley Avenue.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Here’s where it gets even more exciting! We’re offering exclusive sponsorship opportunities on this prestigious digital platform. Local businesses, alumni, and community supporters can now connect with our college community and promote their services to a wide audience.

By partnering with us, you’re not just getting brand exposure; you’re investing in education and the future. Your support helps fund valuable programs and initiatives that empower our students to excel.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Get in touch with us today to explore how your brand can shine on our Electronic Signage.




Long Bay College Alumni Website Logo advertising


Connect with a prime audience by featuring your company logo and link on the Long Bay College Alumni website. This sponsorship opportunity offers a unique channel to engage with our extensive alumni community. Placing your logo on this prestigious digital platform not only underscores your dedication to our institution but also allows you to directly reach our highly valued and influential alumni. Your logo on our website signifies a strong bond with Long Bay College, fostering connections with our accomplished graduates and providing a platform for interaction and collaboration. Don’t miss this chance to make a powerful impression and tap into a network of exceptional individuals. Explore the possibilities today and let your brand shine among our esteemed alumni!

One year logo placement and link for $350.


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