Outdoor Education – Discover Aotearoa

Discover Aotearoa is targeted to our International Students, to give them opportunities to learn and gain confidence in the New Zealand environment.

This 6-12 week optional programme lets them experience sailing, kayaking, climbing, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, archery – and many other activities. Expert instructors will ensure student safety, see students’ confidence, English and teamwork skills grow beyond belief! With camping, outdoor survival, water safety and cultural experiences on offer this programme is sure to grab everyone’s attention.


At Long Bay College we really value the diversity the International students bring with them to the school.

We celebrate their many wonderful cultures and languages and are very proud of our inclusive environment. Whether the students are at Long Bay College to focus on their studies and achieve NCEA or whether they come to improve their English and experience our Kiwi lifestyle, they bring a global perspective to our college. They make life-long friends here and gain a positive insight into New Zealand, which they will take back with them to their friends and families in their home countries.

International Festival

Our annual International Festival is 3 days of cultural activities, experiences and fun across the whole school and community with so many people showcasing their own cultures, celebrating our diversity, and getting involved. From the Chinese wishing wall, bicultural and multicultural workshops, international music and multilingual signage, to the Cultural Fusion, International Food Market and Multicultural Show, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Multicultural Show

The Multicultural Show is two amazing evenings of a wide range of entertainment from all over the world. Through musical performances, dance, songs, skits and even a bit of Kung Fu, the show is a beautiful representation of the diversity of cultures and talents we have at Long Bay College. From Asia to South America, Europe to the Pacific Islands, a quick trip to South Africa before then heading back home to New Zealand again, the Multicultural Show truly is a trip around the world!


Sporting activities at Long Bay College are a great way for students to improve their English, learn more about themselves, discover new interests, build strong friendships and leadership skills for the future.

Regardless of whether students are in the top team or a social team, specialist staff and coaches from the community support the programmes which are modified to suit different sporting levels, ages and abilities.

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Other Local Sporting Opportunities

You will also find a number of Sports clubs outside of school around the local area – sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, rock-climbing, rugby, hockey, netball, karate, taekwondo, judo, football, volleyball, badminton, basketball and softball are just some of the options open to you.

Long Bay College Fitness Centre

Long Bay College has always been proud of its sporting achievements. To further build upon its success, students have the opportunity to join the Fitness Centre.  The Long Bay College Fitness Centre is open to all students and staff of the school.


All students have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities in performing arts, music and other fields, whether at the highest skill level or just starting out.

Clubs and activity groups are created all the time during the school year. Look on the Long Bay College App, the Long Bay College website, daily notices and other publicity around the school for current information.

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Music Tuition

At Long Bay College students are encouraged to get involved in the music opportunities that are offered.

Group Music lessons are available to all students in the College. Paired and individual lessons are available to students who study Music as a subject.

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Long Bay College offers a range of leadership opportunities. These may be through participation in Sport, Performing Arts, the orientation team, student council or the prefect body. Make Long Bay College your College by getting involved.