Our Courses

Our Courses

There are recommended pathways as prior experience of a subject is a strong indicator of future success.  Note the progress of subjects from Year 11 through to Year 13 in the subject pathways. Some subjects are difficult to take up again if dropped early or may not go to Year 13.

Students will be selecting their options for 2024 in Term 3 via the web portal. This will follow discussions with their Atawhai leader.

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All students should consider the following for each course:

  • Will I enjoy the course?
  • Can I succeed at the subject?
  • Where does it lead?

Senior students should also consider:

What qualifications and future learning do my courses lead to

  • While at school?
  • Once I’ve left?

Does my learning programme help me meet the literacy and numeracy requirements

  • For NCEA?
  • For University Entrance?

Do all my courses together give me enough credits or grades for the qualifications that I want?

Do all my courses together make up a manageable workload for me?