Long Bay College Badges

Long Bay College Badges

Long Bay College badges are a symbol of belonging and recognition of achievement. By wearing their College badges with pride, our students strengthen our community and help foster a sense of connectedness.

House Badges

The House badges have been designed to form a Koru. Students receive the top, circular section of their Koru House badge when they are welcomed to the College. A Koru, when given as a gift, signifies the start of a new phase or relationship, which in this case is the start of the student’s journey at Long Bay.  As the Koru grows, it represents perpetual development and movement. Our students’ Koru badge grows as they earn Core Value hanger badges that attach below the top section of the Koru. The value badges link to our core values of Care, Respect, Creativity and Community. By the time students leave Long Bay, it is intended they will have earned a full set of Core Values hangers and wear a full Koru.  Earning a Long Bay College Core Value Badge is a significant honour.

Personal Excellence Badges

Growing pride in oneself and owning personal achievements is paramount in developing confidence and a strong sense of self. Personal Excellence Badges are awarded in six different areas: Arts, Community, Innovation, Academic, Sport and Leadership. Badges are awarded in Atawhai sessions or during year group assemblies.

Core Value Badges

To be awarded a Core Value Badge, a student needs to demonstrate a significant positive behaviour or a series of behaviours that relate to any of the College’s core values. Members of the Long Bay College school community, including staff, parents and caregivers, friends and others can nominate a student to earn a core value badge which are one the school’s highest accolades. Please read the criteria of each badge (below) and complete the nomination form.


  • Doing the right thing without the expectation of a reward
  • Shows action of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance and protection on someone or something
  • Accepting those with different backgrounds, cultures and ability
  • Shows a behaviour or a series of behaviours that displays care towards someone or something within our wider or school community.
  • Going above and beyond to help integrate students who are struggling
  • Intervenes when vulnerable students are in a difficult position and acts as a positive bystander.
  • Displays care towards someone or something within our wider or school community.

Example: A senior student takes time off their week for two terms, to support and tutor a junior student who is struggling with Mathematics. The junior student’s results improve and the senior student is proud of having supported someone to succeed.

Core Value Badge Application


  • Displays a positive feeling or action towards someone or something.
  • Positive and effective interactions with each other. This includes teachers and environment. Polite to peers and staff.
  • Respecting and valuing other people’s opinions.
  • Demonstrating self-respect- having high standards and striving towards them. On time and shows high attendance rates.

Example: A student has a passion for leadership and the environment. She attends an industry-related secondary school event and designs a concept that is recognised for its ability to make a difference in the environment.

Core Value Badge Application


  • Uses the imagination or original idea within the classroom, community or extracurricular activities
  • Finds ways to integrate different social groups to work and collaborate
  • Interprets tasks in a creative way. Going above and beyond the typical response
  • Thinking for themselves and not regurgitating information

Example:  A student uses her own initiative to create a fantastic product to sell and raise funds for Daffodil Day. The fundraiser is very successful and she donates 75% of proceeds to the Cancer Society.

Core Value Badge Application


  • Shows the ability to work well with people inside and outside the school.
  • Giving back to the school or community.
  • Does something for the school or wider community that enriches/educates through the students.
  • Actively fostering a sense of community and inclusivity (ideas, words, actions).

Example: A student loves to volunteer on behalf of the wider community and sets up opportunities to generate support for organisations such as the SPCA, Blind Foundation, Foster Hope and Prostate Cancer NZ.

Core Value Badge Application