Bus Information

General Information

Where to catch your bus

  • All school buses arrive and leave from school in the bus stop area outside the school main gates.
  • In the afternoon, school buses load on both sides of Ashley Avenue outside the school boundary in the bus bays on both sides of the school gates.
  • Those catching public (not school) buses arrive and leave from the bus stop in Awaruku Rd or Cavelli Drive, or other suburban buses may be caught on Ashley Avenue uphill from the roundabout.

Free buses

  • Some students are entitled to free bus transport. These students mostly live in Okura and north to Bawden Road. Contact the teacher in charge of buses to check your eligibility.

Complaints and Queries

Complaints about bus services, or about the behaviour of students on the buses, should be addressed to Micaela Baard, [email protected] 


When travelling by bus, we demonstrate our school values of Care and Respect by:

  • Wearing our full school uniform with pride while on the bus.
  • Using the pedestrian crossings to cross the road in front of the school.
  • Promptly entering the school grounds after arrival at school on the bus and not lingering in front of the school or in surrounding streets.
  • Lining up in a single line BEHIND THE CONES on the footpath while waiting in the afternoon to board a bus.
  • Behaving on the bus in ways that do not cause offence to other passengers or to the bus driver. All instructions of the bus driver are to be followed without question. Behaviour which does not comply with normal school rules may result in the students concerned being denied access to the bus service for a period of time.

Timetables and Buses Routes

All bus information, including details of school routes, timetables and costs are available on the Auckland Transport website. Alternatively, please refer to the websites below.

Journey Planner:  Auckland Transport (

Bayes Coachlines

General Route Area – Stillwater, Silverdale, Whangaparaoa and Orewa

Contact: 426 5504 |
(To find Long Bay College routes, scroll down and click on tab ‘Hibiscus Coast to North Shore schools’)


General Route Area – Long Bay, Torbay, Browns Bay, Northcross, Albany, Okura – Dairy flat and rural areas

Contact: 415 9138 | 
(Scroll down to Route 210: Waimauku to Long Bay College)
View Route 1591 – Coatesville, Paremoremo to Long Bay College and return here: RITCHIES bus information route 1591


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