Staff Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Name Title Code Email
Mr CJ Healey Principal Ext 824 [email protected]  (Melinda Hobman, Executive Assistant to the Principal)
Mrs Jac Beasleigh Deputy Principal (Year 9) Ext 861 [email protected]
Mrs Sarah Bicknell Deputy Principal (Year 10) Ext 869 [email protected]
Mrs Jayne Jones Deputy Principal (Year 11 & International) Ext 816 [email protected]
Mr James Heneghan Deputy Principal (Year 12) Ext 885 [email protected]
Mr Mike Lewis Deputy Principal (Year 13) Ext 854 [email protected]
Mr Richard Beechey Business Manager Ext 825 [email protected]

Student Support

Role Name Code Email
Careers Advisor / Dean – My Choice Ms Katherine Thomas Ext 839 [email protected]
Year 9 Dean Mrs Caren Leyland Ext 819 [email protected]
Year 9 Dean Mrs Liz Van Greuning Ext 882 [email protected]
Year 10 Dean Miss Sarah Meyer Ext 884 [email protected]
Year 10 Dean Mrs Lisa Lehan Ext 845 [email protected]
Year 11 Dean Mrs Stephanie Curtis Ext 860 [email protected]
Year 11 Dean Mr Kevin Parslow Ext 889 [email protected]
Year 12 Dean Mr Paul O’Leary Ext 821 [email protected]
Year 12 Dean Mrs Rebecca Pringle Ext 846 [email protected]
Year 13 Dean Mr Martyn Longstaff Ext 881 [email protected]
Year 13 Dean Ms Elena Williams Ext 847 [email protected]
International Student Coordinator Mr Micky Smith Ext 842 [email protected]
Learning Support Mrs Glenda Keith Ext 865 [email protected]
Student Centre Manager Mrs Maryann Denny Ext 896 [email protected]
Attendance Officer Mrs Lynn Tanton Ext 878 [email protected]
Head of Wellbeing/Guidance Ms Hiltrud Egle Ext 840 [email protected]
Guidance Counsellor Mrs Sue Forrest (Mon to Wed) Ext 835 [email protected]
Guidance Counsellor Ms Monica Barnett-Harris (Thurs & Fri) Ext 835 [email protected]
Youthwork Team Sian & Jackson Ext 0 [email protected]
Medical Attendant Mrs Lynnette Martin Ext 444 [email protected]
Physiotherapist Mrs Chris Nevin 02108690745 [email protected]
Gateway/STAR/Work Experience Coordinator Mrs Kelly Rose Ext 811 [email protected]
Careers Office Administrator Mrs Tanya Tyrer Ext 837 [email protected]
Library Mrs Annabel Bailey Ext 898 [email protected]
Accounts/Cashier Mrs Natalie Hartnell Ext 849 [email protected]

Heads of Faculty

Faculty Name Code Email
Business Mrs Sonia Collins Ext 862 [email protected]
English Mrs Jennie Taylor Ext 867 [email protected]
Languages Mrs Laura Curwood Ext 812 [email protected]
Learning Support Mrs Glenda Keith Ext 865  [email protected]
Mathematics Mr Matt Gleeson Ext 873 [email protected]
Performance Arts Mr Brendan Perkins Ext 894 [email protected]
Physical Education/Health Mrs Mo Gleeson Ext 813 [email protected]
Science Mrs Samantha Lewis Ext 871 [email protected]
Social Sciences Miss Lauren Wing Ext 863 [email protected]
Technology / IT Mr Steve Dymock Ext 829 [email protected]
Visual Arts Mrs Liese Strong Ext 893 [email protected]

Teaching Staff

First Name  Last Name Code Email
Boran Alkhudairi ALK [email protected]
Charmayne Armstrong ARM [email protected]
Timothy Atkinson ATK [email protected]
Liz Bailey BAY [email protected]
Justin Bailey BAJ [email protected]
Tony Bailey BLY [email protected]
Jacqueline Beasleigh BES [email protected]
Nicole Beeston BEE [email protected]
Sarah Bicknell BIC [email protected]
Adrienne Bishop BSP [email protected]
John Blackburn BLJ [email protected]
Martin Brennan BRE [email protected]
Sara Caplain CAP [email protected]
Mark Carroll CRL [email protected]
Alicia Chan CHN [email protected]
Brigitte Chan CHB [email protected]
Terry Chee CHE [email protected]
Jim Curwen CUJ [email protected]
Laura Curwood CRW [email protected]
Ashley Davies DAA [email protected]
Amy Dennis DEN [email protected]
Dixie Dolejs DOL [email protected]
Lucy Doran DOR [email protected]
Kara Douglas DOU [email protected]
Adele Drabble DRB [email protected]
Jana Durdevic DUJ [email protected]
Steve Dymock DYM [email protected]
Jeff Evans EVN [email protected]
Wendy Fairgray FGR [email protected]
Paul Fannon FNN [email protected]
Paul Field FIE [email protected]
John Foden FOD [email protected]
Allen French FRE [email protected]
Michelle Gallagher GAL [email protected]
Shreyoshi Ghosh GHO [email protected]
Matthew Gleeson GLS [email protected]
Mo Gleeson GLE [email protected]
Dorinder Grobler GRO [email protected]
Luke Henderson HED [email protected]
James Heneghan HEJ [email protected]
Carmen Henriquez HEQ [email protected]
Maria Hughes HUG [email protected]
Robyn Hunn HUN [email protected]
Peter Hurst HUR [email protected]
Luke Jacobs JAC [email protected]
Heather Jenkins JEN [email protected]
Jayne Jones JON [email protected]
Glenda Keith KEI [email protected]
Cameron Lacey LAC [email protected]
Lisa Lehan LEH [email protected]
Karen le Roux LRX [email protected]
Mike Lewis LEM [email protected]
Samantha Lewis LEW [email protected]
Caren Leyland LEY [email protected]
Martyn Longstaff LON [email protected]
Yao Lu LUY [email protected]
Kiaya Lupi LUP [email protected]
Renee Mackay MCK [email protected]
Justine McIntosh MCI [email protected]
Chloe McIsaac MIS [email protected]
Sarah Meyer MEY [email protected]
Anne Millar MIA [email protected]
Chris Naylor NAY [email protected]
Alwyn Nicol NIC [email protected]
Hope Nobilo NOH [email protected]
Sharon O’Dowd ODW [email protected]
Paul O’Leary OLP [email protected]
Kasia O’Neill ONE [email protected]
Matthew Overington OVR [email protected]
Gina O’Sullivan OSN [email protected]
Kevin Parslow PAK [email protected]
Brendan Perkins PER [email protected]
Mark Pinchen PCN [email protected]
Rob Price PRR [email protected]
Rebecca Pringle PRI [email protected]
Hadley Ronayne RON [email protected]
Marius Sandu SND [email protected]
David Scott SCO [email protected]
Debra Scragg SCR [email protected]
Yan Shang SHY [email protected]
Xiaoman Shao SHX [email protected]
Brad Simons SIB [email protected]
Micky Smith SMM [email protected]
Scott Smith SMI [email protected]
Tim Spratt SPR [email protected]
Suretha Steyn STE [email protected]
Liese Strong STR [email protected]
Hayley Summers SUM [email protected]
Jennie Taylor TAY [email protected]
Katherine Thomas THM [email protected]
Dean Thompson THO [email protected]
Kate Tueton TUE [email protected]
Naomi Upperton UPR [email protected]
Natalie van der Sande VAS [email protected]
Stefanus van Emmenis VAE [email protected]
Liz van Greuning VAN [email protected]
Miemie Vermeulen VER [email protected]
Mark Waddell WAD [email protected]
Emma Watson WAT [email protected]
Elena Williams WLM [email protected]
Lauren Wing WIN [email protected]
Eric Wheater WHE [email protected]
Victoria Yun YUN [email protected]
Marko Zutic ZUT [email protected]

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