School Spirit

Our House System

In 2021, we introduced a House system. Every student is assigned to a House which they belong to throughout their College years.

There are five houses, each named after native birds of New Zealand; Takahe, Tieke, Tara iti, Kea, Kokako.

Student leaders and staff members are responsible for each house which has a mix of students from all year levels. Students complete initiatives as groups or individuals to earn personal excellence or value badges and points for their house, which count towards an end of year House reward.

We have a range of fun House events planned each term that relate to our core values as well as to sports, the arts, innovation and academia. These events promote healthy competition (or collaboration) between House members.

Find out all about how the House system works and the special qualities of our House icons – the Kea, Kokako, Takahe, Tara it and Tieke.

House News & Results

Read the latest stories about our House initiatives.

2021 Athletics Day

2021 Valentine’s Day competition

2021 LBC House System launch


Students are encouraged to get involved in co-curricular and school activities at Long Bay College. In doing so, they gain new skills, meet new people and most importantly, have fun!  By joining in, students can earn points for their House.

Here’s some great activities to participate in during Term One 2021:

Design LBC’s first ever House Trophy

Students are invited to create an icon for Long Bay College and win House points by designing our first ever House trophy! See Miss Durdevic in T16 for an entry form. Entries close Tuesday, April 13, 2021.




Leadership and Service

Encouraging Tomorrow’s Leaders

Every one of our students has the potential and capacity for leadership. We provide opportunities for leadership through a range of clubs and committees at junior and senior level. Our leadership structure allows students to impact school culture in proactive ways, work across a range of portfolio areas, engage with members of the Senior Leadership Team and influence core decision making. Student leaders organise key events for the school which provides them with experiences and opportunities to collaborate and develop their management skills.

Serving Others

Nurturing well-rounded, socially responsible young people is crucial for developing a collaborative, community culture. At Long Bay College, there are a variety of opportunities for students to practise philanthropy, altruism and enhance community spirit. Students enjoy our Sustainability Action Group, Long Bay Cares Club, Ignite Christian Group and more. In addition, we welcome student initiatives for one-off fundraising and community support activities. We are proud of the results our student activities have achieved in the community, both locally and at an international level.

Inspiring Respect

A Cultural Perspective

“Ahakoa nō hea koe, he tangata tonu tātou.”

No matter where you come from, we are all people. Long Bay College is rich in cultural diversity, from our tangata whenua (Māori) to the 67 other ethnicities who share our community.

The importance of building cross cultural connections has never been greater. Exposure to cultural diversity through our daily connections, Atawhai sessions, class activities, events such as our Cultural Festival Week, travel experiences and more, is where our students learn the attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to live and work in today’s interconnected world.

Honouring Success

We celebrate effort in co-curricular clubs and activities with achievable rewards. We believe that being proud of yourself and your achievements is paramount in developing confidence and a strong sense of self. Junior and senior students earn points towards College badges that are awarded at four levels and across six areas; Arts, Community, Innovation, Academic, Sport and Leadership. Our students wear their badges with pride.


NCEA Student Exam Hub

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