Studying at Long Bay College in New Zealand is an exciting journey that requires planning ahead.

Long Bay College caters for all academic levels leading to NCEA. The school has a student-centred approach to enable all students to develop their talents and reach their full potential.

The main criteria includes a positive attitude with a readiness to learn and an openness to trying out new ways, and realistic expectations of achievements depending on natural ability and the time frame set by each International student and their family.

In terms of English, Long Bay College caters for all levels of language with its EAP programmes. Students working at Foundation Stage (English Language Learning Progressions) will receive an intensive, full-time EAP programme before they are permitted to join other mainstream subjects. This is to ensure that all students are set up for success, as virtually all mainstream classes are taught in English. Once progress in English has been made, students will move into mainstream subjects in addition.

Application procedure

Here is a simple outline of the steps to follow to apply to study at Long Bay College.

Please submit an application at least three months before the term starts.

1. Submit your application

To enrol, please follow the Apply Online link below, complete the form and submit.

2. Interview with the Deputy Principal

You shall be contacted via email to arrange an interview date/time. Interviews are conducted either by Zoom, WeChat or in person.

3. Find out if your application has been accepted

Successful applicants will receive a Conditional Offer of Place, which will include an invoice for all fees owing.

4. Pay your fees

Payment of all fees can be made through the Long Bay College International Payment Portal below.

For information on school fees, living expenses and payment options, click on the 2024 fees link below.

5. Receipt

Once payment has been received, a receipt shall be emailed to you or your agent. You will need a copy of your receipt to apply for your Student Visa. Information about Student Visa’s can be found below.

6. Pre-arrival and orientation

You shall receive an email containing detailed information with our pre-arrival instructions and orientation process.

Applications and Enquiries Contact: Bronwyn James [email protected]



Apply Online Now

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International Payment Portal

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2024 International Fees

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2025 International Fees

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Student Visa Information

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2024 dates

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2024 Uniform

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Planning your Trip

What to bring:

  • Passport and current visa to study in NZ
  • Travel/medical insurance policy (if you decide to arrange it privately rather than through the school)
  • Return airline ticket
  • Prescription for any medications necessary, with a doctor’s letter
  • Laptop (Microsoft compatible)
  • Proof of purchase/receipts for any electronics eg mobile phone, laptop
  • Adapter plug for electrical goods from your home country
  • Personal items and clothes
  • Adequate spending money in cash till you set up a bank account here

Arrival in NZ:

  • Make sure you let us know your exact flight and arrival details by sending us a copy of your airline ticket. We need these so that we can organise for our approved shuttle company to meet you at the airport.
  • Pack your own bags. Do not carry anything for another person, even if they ask you to.
  • When you arrive at Auckland airport you should have completed a Passenger Arrival Card. You must declare all food and drink even if it is packaged. You are not allowed to bring fresh food or drink into New Zealand.
  • You should not carry a large amount of cash.
  • Once you get off the plane, you will go through Passport Control, Baggage Claim and Customs.
  • After this, you will come through to the main Arrivals area. You will see a driver from Shore Shuttles, our approved shuttle company, waiting for you and holding a Long Bay College sign with your name on it.
  • You will then be taken to your new home.
  • If you get lost, or if you cannot see your name on a sign, turn left and wait by the McDonalds sign – the driver will find you there. If you are worried, please phone our Emergency number on 0800 528437, Jayne Jones (Deputy Principal International) on 027 473 2555.