Get Involved

“Being involved in activities at school has allowed me to meet like-minded students across different cultures and year levels.” Mikayla, Year 12

There are so many exciting co-curricular opportunities at Long Bay College and students are encouraged to take full advantage of these, starting from Year 9.

We believe age is no barrier to commitment, energy or skill so we proudly give students at all levels the chance to shine.


A significant proportion of our students have signed up to a team, or compete as an individual, representing our College. Our students are supported by professional coaches, staff, parent volunteers and great facilities. From Rugby and Netball to Curling and Orienteering, there are a wide range of codes on offer at a variety of levels, allowing students to find the activity that best suits their interests and abilities.

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“My co-curricular activities have pushed me out of my comfort zone and shaped me as a student.” Kate, Year 10

Creative Arts

Long Bay College takes great pride in our tradition of excellence in Performing Arts, Visual Art and Graphics and Design. Our College is a busy, creative hub with aspiring musicians, actors, dancers, performers and artists all enjoying the opportunities to develop their skills through the curriculum and many, varied co-curricular opportunities.

Students are encouraged to explore passions of their choice with the support of well-trained specialist staff and purpose-built facilities.

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Clubs and Activities

Long Bay College proudly offers a variety of clubs and activities. It reflects the diverse needs of our students to find their strengths and passions, and to hone their skills. Clubs and activity groups are created throughout the school year, led by student demand. Look at the directory and daily notices for current information.

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School Spirit

We are proud to foster a learning environment based on our core values of Care, Respect, Creativity and Community.

“Ahakoa nō hea koe, he tangata tonu tātou.”
No matter where you come from, we are all people.

Our leadership structure allows students to impact school culture in proactive ways, work across a range of portfolio areas, engage with members of the Senior Leadership Team and influence core decision making.

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