Academic Prefects

The Academic Prefects are responsible for coordinating student academic mentoring opportunities, subject workshops and junior panel meetings. They also support Long Bay College badge events and promote academic clubs and activities.

Back Row: Alana Hooton (Head of Portfolio), Eric Chang, Daniel Hulm, Elmi La Grange.
Front Row: Greer Thomas, Coral Peat (Head of Portfolio).

Arts Prefects

The Arts Prefects are responsible for supporting key events at Long Bay College including the talent quest, school production, art club, stage challenge, music concerts and dance shows. They coordinate the arts awards night, facilitate visual art exhibitions of student work and attend faculty meetings. The group is also responsible for promoting clubs and activities of the Arts at Long Bay College.

Back Row: Georgia Breeze, Jason Li, Rosa Katavich (Head of Portfolio).
Front Row: Jonothan Brennan, Katy Comar (Head of Portfolio), Ashley Binns.

Community Culture and Leadership Development Prefects

The head prefects at Long Bay College are responsible for chairing the junior and senior councils, they manage prefect duty, assembly rosters and prefect communication. The group co-ordinate a number of events including the school ball, graduation dinner, mufti days, Valentine’s Day, Year 13 last day and prefects’ team-building dinners. They also create and implement leadership development opportunities across all year levels and actively promote the Long Bay school culture. They are ambassadors of our school.

Back Row: Sam Stockley (Head Prefect), Satin Kim (Head Prefect), Jacko Baird (Deputy Head Prefect).
Front Row: Phoebe Lewis (Deputy Head Prefect), Wei Loong (School and Community Prefect), Isla Fish (School and Community Prefect).

Cultural Prefects

The Long Bay College Cultural Prefects assist with the International student’s orientation and help our new arrivals form connections with local students. The group provide language support and help organise and execute the International Festival and Multicultural Show.

Back Row: Tyson Cao, Daniel Gold (Cultural Portfolio Leader), Lavinia Havilli.
Front Row: Celine Park, Kimia Ghaem (Cultural Portfolio Leader).

Sports Prefects

The Sports Prefects at Long Bay College coordinate sports camps and sports awards as well as providing Athletics Day support. They organise social sporting activities and are responsible for promoting sports clubs and activities at the school.

Back Row: Chris Benzie, Ethan Fagan (Sports portfolio Leader), Aiden Finn.
Front Row: Nadia Evans, Brianna Masterson (Sports portfolio leader).

Sustainability Prefects

The Long Bay College Sustainability Prefects oversee the development of the multicultural and sustainable gardens and manage Ecolution meetings and events, including the Long Bay Primary Sustainability Big Day Out. They coordinate community action and education campaigns and develop the waste management action plan. The group attends College property meetings and is responsible for facilitating links with Auckland Council and other relevant outside agencies.

Back Row: Kara Voss, Emma Barker (Head of Portfolio), Holly Bagwell (Head of Portfolio).
Front Row: Eilidh Miller, Maia Evans, Stella Drinkwater.

Technology, Innovation and Communication Prefects

The Technology, Innovation and Communication Prefects at Long Bay College are responsible for helping to provide technical support at school events and in the library. They offer guidance and supervision of students using the College’s Technology resources, they help coordinate and promote clubs within the Technology faculty and provide support for industry competitions. The group are members of the College’s ICT Committee and facilitate links with outside businesses and further education providers.

Back Row: Jason Lee, Colby Mills, Mattia Logan.
Front Row: Amy Wirtenberger (Technolgy portfolio leader), Sean Rodgers (Technology portfolio leader), Kristen Taylor.