At Long Bay College you will find a world-class staff of expert teachers and highly capable administrators. This means our students grow into fine young men and women, thriving in a supportive culture of respect, and achieving highly in NCEA. This achievement is gained from knowing our students, understanding how we teach and learn, and supporting resilience.

2021 alone saw Long Bay College receive a new record high for New Zealand Scholarships. Amongst them, our 2021 DUX received a total of 7 scholarships (6 Outstanding), putting him second in New Zealand for the number of Outstanding Scholarships gained.

We have a diverse curriculum on offer, excelling in Academia, Art, Culture, and Sport. Our courses are robust and lead directly into further learning, be that an apprenticeship or a University degree.

Our focus on a holistic education means we value extra-curricular activities highly. We seek the very best tutors and coaches to work with our students, with the emphasis on developing the skills and talents of the children in our community.

Central to our college are our core values of Care, Respect, Creativity and Community.

Long Bay College’s Strategic Plan is focused on fostering a climate of safety, extraordinary care, and connectedness to develop, strong, healthy, and resilient students, staff and whānau. Providing an exceptional, responsive learning environment in which our staff and students’ needs are met through high quality, learning, and centred education.

Long Bay College is committed to enabling our students to be successful, confident and creative.

We invite you to explore the school through a virtual tour. You’ll meet both students and staff and discover the amazing educational and co-curricular opportunities our school provides.

CJ Healey