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The Aspiring Scholars Enrichment Programme

Towards the end of Term 1, Long Bay College launched our Year 9 and 10 Aspiring Scholars Enrichment Programme, and this will continue fortnightly in Term 2 & 3. So far, students have had sessions on ‘Ethical Dilemmas’ and ‘Debating’, which has led to thought-provoking discussions. Students are excited about future upcoming sessions on a wide variety of topics such as ‘Conspiracy Theories, ‘The Limits of Language’, and ‘Concepts of Reality’.

The Aspiring Scholars Enrichment Programme is designed to give students a head start in developing critical thinking skills which are needed for success in NCEA and Scholarship in future years. Enrichment sessions challenge student thinking and encourage students to consider a wider worldview. This programme is in addition to the extension activities which students already receive in their Aspiring Scholars core classes. Sessions are led by teachers who have expertise in developing high order thinking skills in students.