Co-curricular Groups

Dragon Dance

Dragon dance is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. Students in the Dragon Dance group get together on Friday for about 1 or 2 hours after school during Terms 1 or 2 before the cultural festival week to learn and practise dragon dance movements. They perform in school events every year, especially …

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NZ Sign Language Club

Would you like to have fun learning New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)? This is a fun club for people to share their knowledge on NZSL and meet new people. Come join us and spread NZSL around the school. Teacher in charge: Elena Williams Where: Tuesday lunchtime in L3.


A club where we explore debating techniques and explore social issues Staff contact: Ms Claire Moorhead  When: Tuesday lunchtimes, in O10

3:15 Media

3:15 Media students are invited to create their own films, webisodes, apps, and computer games. We enter competitions and make online webisodes. If students are keen to be included they can express their interest to Mrs Adrienne Bishop. Staff Contact:  Mrs Adrienne Bishop – Where:  M13 on Thursdays after school.

Games Club

Long Bay Games Club is a space where students can get together and have fun and make friends.  Students can learn how to play a variety of board, card and dice games. Staff Contact:  Mr Martin Longstaff – When:  Lunchtime on Wednesday in O11.

Streamers / Content Creators

A club for online streamers and content creators. This club is ideal for students within the school community who make YouTube videos or stream on twitch + other platforms. This group will allow content creators to collaborate with others to share ideas or simply strengthen their own platforms. Staff Contact: Sharon Powell – Location: …

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Movie Club

Movie Club is a space to relax and rewind, to connect with your friends and find new ones.  Come to discuss, talk and listen. Come and enjoy watching movies with us! Staff contact:  Ms Tatyana Strelets – When: Tuesdays at lunchtime in M3

Kapa Haka

Kia ora and welcome to your cultural experience. Kapa haka is involved in school powhiri and other school and cultural events. The group also performs for Matariki (North Shore Secondary Schools), Kapa haka celebration days and more. Students are involved in workshops to learn specialities like poi and taiaha and to create their own poi.  …

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German Language Club

A fun, interactive and casual conversation club for anyone who would like to learn some basic German vocabulary or short sentences.   Starting with basic greetings and introductions, we will then move on to common topics for casual conversation such as the weather, your plans for the day, where you come from and how you are …

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UN Youth Club

In the UN Youth Club, we will be meeting regularly to discuss an in-school model UN, UN youth events and other workshops that might interest you! You can even submit submissions for Auckland Council consultations. It is a great leadership opportunity to get involved and meet other people in the group. This is also an …

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