Long Bay Cares (LBC) Kindness Club


LBC stands for ‘Long Bay Cares’. Often referred to as ‘Kindness Club’, our members believe that the world should be a kinder place and we are interested in making others happy. Happiness, confidence, improved health and success are just some of the benefits that have been associated with altruistic (kind and selfless) behaviour. The members of LBC Club get together weekly at lunchtime in L8 to discuss and plan both small and large acts of altruism. Members of the club recognize the benefit and impact of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and we challenge one another to perform these regularly. As the need for kindness and caring is identified within our community, members of The LBC Club aim to respond appropriately.  Membership is open to students from all levels.

Staff Contact: Mrs Anne Millar:

When: Thursday lunchtimes in room L8