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Long Bay Cares


In the wake of the tragedy that occurred in our nation on Friday, March 15, Long Bay College students and staff were invited to sign a pledge to show acceptance of diversity for all of humanity. “My challenge to the people of our school community has been to look at what unites us. Here at Long Bay College, we have over 60 different ethnicities represented. Diversity is part of who we are and we embrace it,” says Principal, Mr CJ Healey.”

“Kindness is cool, kindness is catching, kindness is courageous,” enthuses Long Bay College English Teacher, Ms Anne Millar, who championed the pledge for staff, students and others in the school community. “We have all been shocked and bewildered by what has occurred in Christchurch. The signing of the pledge is just one small way that we can demonstrate some support.  It’s important that we keep in mind that being inclusive and accepting of diversity is the only way forward in our world,” Ms Millar says.  As a leader of LBC (Long Bay Cares) ‘Kindness’ Club, Ms Millar is committed to the cause of kindness.  “LBC is a student group devoted to finding unique ways to spread kindness throughout the college community,” she says.

The pledge forms are now displayed at the front of the College’s Auditorium. This gives students a place to meet and reflect on current events and to consider how we can ensure that ours is a community whose members value kindness and respect for all.

This year, among other things, the members of LBC Club will run “Free hug lunchtimes”, promote “random acts of kindness” and express gratitude as appropriate within the school community.  Members are keen to work alongside senior Physical Education students in the organisation of Pink Shirt Day in May. The LBC group meets on Wednesdays at lunchtime in Room L12. Membership is open to students from all year levels, genders, ethnicities, religions, political affiliation, sexualities, beliefs …