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Long Bay College’s new tagline and logo changes


Long Bay College has created a new tagline to highlight the unique benefits of our school.  The words were carefully chosen, based on focus group and survey information from our school community last year, to ensure they accurately reflect the identity of the College. ‘Care’ and ‘Creativity’ are two of the College’s core values. Our culture of care ensures every student is respected and supported to be their very best. A secure learning environment inspires our students to question, explore and to think creatively and become innovators. By empowering our students with these skills, they excel and are future-ready for our ever-changing world.

Long Bay College has also evolved our school logo and branding elements to include a new, modern font and colours. The original logo was developed in the 1970s when the school opened. The logo seems at first to look like a wave feature but it depicts Long Bay beach and the cliffs of the regional park. Over the years, the logo has gone through various small changes and has more recently featured red highlights or is simply used in black and white. With the inclusion of sea blues and a subtle yellow, the logo is now more in keeping with our coastal environment and with other schools in our Kahui Ako community.