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The evolution of the COVID-19 virus worldwide makes the closure of New Zealand schools, at some stage, a possibility. As a school, we are currently ensuring that we are capable of delivering effective education to your children, if they are prevented from physically attending school.

We are developing our Microsoft Teams platform to ensure that all the relevant resources are accessible digitally from off-site and we are working to set up the platform, so that it can assist us in being able to communicate as a class group and even video conference if necessary, during the designated timetabled class times.

Establishing these tools requires a great amount of technical support, platform development, testing and upskilling of our teaching staff. As such, the school will be closed for an unanticipated Professional Learning Day (staff only) to allow our staff to be upskilled, on Monday 23 March.  School will be open for full instruction the following day, Tuesday 24 March.

Please take the time to complete the important attached survey re. internet provision and device availability so that we can take this information into account when planning.
Digital Survey here.

In terms of what else we are doing to ensure Long Bay College is a safe place for your children we continue to follow Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Government advice. On Saturday of last week, we regrettably made the decision to cancel all assemblies at the school until further notice, and unfortunately we have had to cancel or postpone several international, domestic and sporting trips. The sporting bodies have also directed schools to postpone trials, training and any preseason games. We will be following this advice and postponing all winter sports trials, trainings, pre-season games and we have withdrawn from College Sport fixtures for the remainder of this term. We have also, as a precautionary measure, upgraded our cleaning regime to include disinfecting all door handles, keyboards and work surfaces on a daily basis, as well as deploying hand sanitizers in key areas of the school with many more on order.

The situation is evolving with each passing day but please be assured that the wellbeing and academic development of each of your children is of paramount importance to us.

Yours sincerely,

Tumuaki / Principal