Own racket. Transport to and from competition.


Competitive team players will be loaned a sport top for the season. All students should wear black shorts and appropriate footwear (bare feet not permitted). *please note shoes need to be non-marking
Social group must have a full change of clothing and appropriate footwear.

Match Day

All matches are played at Active Centre in Glenfield

Girls – Tuesday or Wednesday from 4pm
Boys – Monday, Tuesday or Thursday from 4pm

*match days are dependent on what grade you are entered into


If interested in joining a competitive team you will be assessed at training by the badminton coach who will recommend to the Sport Department which team/grade is appropriate for your ability level. Please express interest to Sport Department via online sign up

Practice Times

All practices will be held in the College gymnasium
Term 1 Fridays 3.30pm – 5pm and Terms 2,3, & 4 Wednesdays 3.30p – 5pm
Competitive players have priority court time at training. Social players will be slotted in around the team players. Players of all ability are welcome.


Term 2 – Seniors (yr 11-13) Term 3 – Juniors (yr 9-10)