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We offer you a warm welcome at Long Bay College. Our International Team provides a level of care and commitment that will quickly make you feel at home, ready to experience what New Zealand has to offer you. We fully support our International students settling into a new way of life, adapting to different systems and making friends in our community.

Whether you choose to come to New Zealand to improve your English, experience a different culture and lifestyle, or complete your academic studies here, our dedicated, friendly staff will help you move forward and achieve success here.

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Why Long bay college?

We are a leading school in our changing world, committed to internationalisation and valuing the global perspective our International students bring to Long Bay College. Long Bay College is situated within one of Auckland’s safest suburbs, close to the city, a beautiful beach and extensive parklands.

We have eleven faculties offering courses and pathways in Business and Economics; Language, Literature and Social Studies; Visual and Performing Arts; a wide range of Technologies; Health and Sport; Maths; and Sciences.



  • Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and economic hub
  • It is located on a beautiful harbour surrounded by stunning beaches
  • Auckland is a multicultural city and home to many nationalities. People from all over the world choose to live and study in Auckland, making it a vibrant, exciting place to be. It celebrates cultural diversity and is known for events like its Chinese New Year Lantern Festival, Pasifika Festival and Diwali
  • New Zealand is famous for being one of the most beautiful, peaceful countries in the world. Similar in size to the United Kingdom or Japan, it has a fraction of the population. It is one of the safest places to live, ranked in the top 10 countries in the world.

New Zealand boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Students are encouraged to travel and explore the breathtaking landscapes. During the school holidays, many international students choose to travel and see more of New Zealand.



New Zealand’s National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) are national qualifications for senior secondary school students.

NCEA challenges students of all abilities to acquire skills and knowledge. It enables students to gain credits from both traditional school curriculum areas and alternative programmes.

Developing creativity and skills of analysis, reasoning and evaluation, as well as working independently or within a group, are all important parts of NCEA to prepare students for university and a rapidly changing world.

Be challenged

"The dedication of my teachers helped me exceed my expectations." Caitlin Scott, Dux 2019


When you are away from home, living with a locally based family is a great way to settle in, feel at home, make new friends and experience New Zealand student life to the full. The homestay accommodation offers a supportive family environment.

Be part of the family


All students have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities in The Arts and Sports. This includes performing arts, music, social and competitive sports teams and other fields, whether at the highest skill level or just starting out.

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At Long Bay College, we are proud to foster a learning and social environment based on our core values of Care, Respect, Creativity and Community, which supports our students as they navigate the teenage years and beyond. We offer a network of capable, dedicated and caring adults who are available to our students and their family members to reach out to at any time.

Virtual Tour

Experiencing what secondary school is like at Long Bay College just got easier – especially during lockdowns!

Access a virtual tour of the school online and meet our staff and students.


Long Bay College is a place where parents/caregivers, students and community grow together within an environment of mutual respect. We are enormously proud to be a school where students excel in all areas of school life and beyond, because after all, that is what College life is all about.

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