All students are expected to complete homework regularly. It assists in developing the practice of individual work and creativity. If learning and development is to progress, regular revision of work in all subjects should be part of each evening’s homework.

Recommended homework times are:
Year 9 1 hour
Year 10 1 hour–1½ hours
Year 11 1 hour–1½ hours
Level 2 1½ hour–2 hours
Level 3 1½ hour–2 hours

Homework can include completing unfinished tasks or looking ahead to prepare for upcoming topics. Parents can assist by:

  • Ensuring that conditions in the home allow for concentration without distraction.
  • Regularly checking that homework is being completed.
  • Maintaining a fixed daily slot for homework to develop good study habits.



Senior students are available to assist others in all year groups with English, Maths and Science through Long Bay College’s after school tutoring service.
For more information or to sign up for support, please email: [email protected]