Showcasing Long Bay college with guided tours and presentations in the auditorium. BIC

Staff in charge: COL Student Group: 2 Students (Campbell Stewart & Kristen Taylor) Staff Attendance: N/A

See Long Bay College in action during a school tour, guided by one of the school’s Senior Leadership Team members. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the school and ask questions. Bookings required. 9am start from reception. Tours go for approximately 60 minutes.

Following completed enrolment application, all students and their caregivers are required to attend an enrolment interview. It is essential the completed online enrolment form and accompanying documents are submitted prior to the interview.  All enrolment interviews will take place at Long Bay College by appointment between 4pm to 7pm.  Online Booking access will be e-mailed …

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Northcross Y8 and extra students from other intermediates or schools visit for half a day to participate in activities. BIC