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The Board of Trustees (BOT) at Long Bay College welcomes you to our school and community. We are very proud of our college, our dedicated staff and our amazing students. Read on for more information about our Trustees’ role.


The BOT elections will be held in June 2019.

We urge parents to consider becoming parent trustees for the next three-year term. After several years of service, and with their children now moving through the school, four of our current Board members are stepping down. Three existing members are standing for re-election. This presents an exciting opportunity for the BOT and means our transition should be very smooth. For more information about becoming a trustee, please click here.

If you have capacity, skills, vision, energy and a big heart, we hope you will put your hand up for the June elections. We encourage and invite prospective candidates to attend our next BOT Meeting to see how things work first hand. This meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 7, in the staffroom, starting at 7pm. Please email Anne Wilk at awilk@lbc.school.nz to indicate your attendance.


Appoint returning officer by: 1 April 2019
Close main roll noon:  Wednesday 8 May 2019
Call for nominations by:  Friday 10 May 2019
Close supplementary roll noon:  Wednesday 22 May 2019
Nominations close noon:  Friday 24 May 2019
Voting papers sent by:  Wednesday 29 May 2019
Close poll election day noon:  Friday 7 June 2019
Count votes:  Thursday 13 June 2019
Board takes office:  Friday 14 June 2019

Long Bay College School profile number: 0027

Nominations are invited for the election of six (6) parent representatives to the board of trustees.

Nomination Form

The nomination form is provided to enable you to put your name forward as a candidate in the forthcoming board of trustees’ election, or to nominate someone else as a candidate. Please find it here: DOC-form-1-standard-election-form-final (1).

Note: If you are on the school roll and eligible to vote, you can nominate yourself and do not require a seconder, but you must sign both parts of the form.

Complete the nomination form, including the necessary signatures. Complete the candidate’s contact details including their address and telephone numbers (home and mobile), and post, hand deliver or email the form to the returning officer at the address shown below. If emailed, promptly make arrangements to get the originals to the returning officer.

Nominations close at 12 noon on Friday,  May 24

 Information for Candidates

If you are a candidate, you are invited to submit an optional statement (up to 400 words), which can include a photograph. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the signed candidate’s statement is received by the returning officer. If your statement is not received by 12 noon on (insert date) your statement cannot be sent to voters with the voting papers.

Note: The returning officer may omit or abridge any part of the candidate’s statement where it exceeds 400 words, or is offensive or defamatory.

Voting Roll

A copy of the voting roll is available for inspection at the school office during normal school hours.


Anyone may stand for election for the board of trustees, other than those ineligible under sections 103 and 103A of the Education Act 1989. Information about who is eligible is on the back of the nomination form.

Note: If you are not on the voting roll you must be nominated by a person who is.


A candidate may appoint a scrutineer to observe the vote count. Please advise the returning officer in writing of the scrutineer’s name and contact details before election day.

Voting and results of the election

If there are more nominations than vacancies for parent representatives, a voting election will be held.  Eligible voters will be posted voting papers and any candidates’ statements provided, including any photograph, on or before Wednesday, May 29.

The poll closes at 12 noon on Friday 7 June. The highest polling candidates will be elected to the board of trustees. The results will be made available at the school and also published in a local newspaper.


Nomination forms are available in te reo Māori. Please contact the returning officer if these are required.

Post, hand deliver, fax, or email (scanned) completed nomination forms to: Mrs Rochelle Irving, Returning Officer

Postal: Long Bay College, PO Box 89007, Torbay, Auckland 0742 or Delivery: Long Bay College, 30 Ashley Avenue, Torbay, Auckland 0630

If emailed, promptly make arrangements to get the originals to the returning officer.


  • Robyn van der Sande
  • Tim Barnaby
  • Kevin de Jong (Chairperson)
  • Martin Dowson
  • Andy King
  • Dave Smith
  • Stephen Piner
  • Justin O’Sullivan (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Denise Trent (Staff Trustee)
  • Kyle Sowry (Student Trustee)

Long Bay College Annual Report Year Ended 31 December 2017


The Board of Trustees has a governance role and is responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction and ensuring that the school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students. The Board is responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration.

Time Requirements:

Regular monthly Board meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.00pm.

Our meetings are open for public attendance, however they are not public meetings. Speaking rights must be requested from the Chairperson.

The Finance/Property Sub Committee generally meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 6.30pm (prior to the full Board meeting).

Skill Requirements:

  • Communication skills – At Board level you are required to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the Board. You need to have the ability to work within a group and to work with other individuals on the Board.
  • Governance – A need to understand the difference between governance and management. The Board needs to be able to see the “bigger picture” and be forward thinking.
  • Finance and Business – It is not essential that every Board member has these skills. The Board needs to have some members with these attributes however we also need to have members who have other life skills and expertise to bring to the Board. The school financial statements are managed and presented monthly by the Business Manager/Executive Officer.

Do I need to have a child at the school?

One does not need to have a child at the school to be a Board member. Community members are welcome on the Board.

Appointment of staff:

The Board is required to appoint the Principal. All other appointments are the responsibility of the Principal.

Chairperson role:

The Chairperson is a Board member like all the other trustees however the role involves a greater level of commitment. The Chairperson is also the individual who will liaise with outside organisations, give the end of the year speeches and front any significant issues at the school. The Chairperson needs to lead the Board, chair the meetings and organise the annual Principal Appraisal.

Board election:

The Board of Trustees must hold elections for parents and staff trustees every three years (triennial election). Within a Board’s term, casual vacancies can arise so if you wish to express your interest, should this arise, please do not hesitate to contact Board Chairperson, Kevin de Jong, kevin.dejong@argroup.co.nz

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